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Why should you attend? – Friday Networking Lunch – Feedback from Attendees

Here are some comments from the event survey’s we do after each lunch.

  • Good range of businesses with differing issues and skills in Service based business.
  • Open conversations and genuine desire to help
  • Relaxed friendly meeting
  • Low key, not a hard-sell like BNI
  • Meeting new people and time allocation was reasonable
  • Its open about networking with card swapping and that takes the guess work out of manoeuvring  around a room like other network events.
  • Ability to meet people outside of IT and learn many things about those area’s
  • Meeting new people
  • It was relaxed and informal, and there was plenty of time to chat
  • The informal discussions and meeting people who I would not ordinarily get the chance to meet in other forums
  • Good to meet people who are from different areas which makes for interesting discussions.
  • Great company, a great excuse to take a break on a Friday and make new contacts
  • Networking and idea sharing
  • friendly people and great food
  • Sat there thinking about whether it was worth it, when the fellow next to me made an initial enquiry about a project. All of a sudden, it was worth it!
  • Talking with diverse but essentially like minded people
  • Chance to meet new people
  • There was more genuine conversation this time
  • Nice big group this month

®ogerB Review: Streak a CRM Productivity Tool that works in Gmail


CRM in your inbox.

I have just started using the FREE Streak app and Wow what a great tool this is going to be.  This app integrates with Gmail so no more changing to the CRM as it is all right there in Gmail.

Check it out here  www.streak.com 

only works with Safari and Chrome at the moment