The Art of Networking

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Networking is an art, as with a painting it takes time even weeks or months to get right. Networking is a commitment of time, your time. If others are prepared to give you their time then shouldn’t you?

I love networking and meeting new people and finding out, what they provide, do, and most important building that relationship. In my case this has resulted in business over the years. One thing to remember is you not just taking to one person you are talking to everyone that person knows, their Network.

The Do not’s of networking  Do not except to get business from the first meeting, people deal with people, but to do business they have to trust you first. Build that relationship and the business will flow.  I say to people who want to attend the   you never know who you are going to meet? but for this to happen you have to turn up.

9 Brazen Ideas for Networking Like a Pro

1.  The Secret to Making Online Networking Truly Valuable for Your Career: You know the value of online networking, but are you making the all-too-common mistake of failing to take those relationships offline? Read on for ways to take your online networking to the next level.

2.  6 Ways to Make Old-School Networking Work for You: Meanwhile, out in the real world, there’s a lot to be said for retro-networking (like meeting people face to face). It may not be as buzz-worthy as online networking, but it’s surprisingly effective.

3.  How to Network with Anyone: Okay, so you’re out there. Now what? Take some notes from these simple strategies that can set apart world-class CEOs, celebrities—and you.

4.  Top 5 Networking Tips for Introverts: Maybe she’s born with it… maybe she learned it from this post. Confidence can be an acquired talent, even for the shyest among us. Try these tips to boost yours today.

5.  The 5 Biggest Myths About Networking: Don’t let these common misconceptions discourage you from networking. It’s not as hard (or annoying!) as it may sound.

6.  Networking Your Way to Nowhere? 6 Newbie Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make: It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’re here to help you learn from our experience and jump ahead of the curve.

7.  How to Grow Some Balls at Your Next Networking Event: These tips aren’t just good for working the room at networking events, but for any event where you might feel like the odd one out.

8.  How to Get More Business Contacts Without the Awkward Networking: Still not convinced that networking is for you after all that? Then this post’s for you.

9.  Why Your Networking Sucks – And the Secret to Doing it Right: Actually, this one’s for you, too—how to network through “non-networking.”


Auckland ICT Meeting – Mark Barlow – Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum

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Mark Barlow is a Freelance Consultant & Entrepreneur his experience with IT stretches 34 years and encompasses management, strategy, development, operations, and procurement.

Mark has been a CEO, CTO, Strategist, Project/Programme Manager, General Manager and Senior Account Director. Because of the mix of technology and business roles, he really ‘get’s’ how technology can be used as an enabler.

Washington has the Smithsonian, Wellington has Te Papa, and if Mark Barlow’s vision comes to fruition Auckland will have Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum. Come and hear Mark talk about Techvana and how you can be involved.

5:00 pm Networking Drinks and Refreshments

5:40 pm Welcome and Agenda

5:45 pm We invite members to introduce their company and their win for this week. (first 5 )

Plus bring along you oldest Tech for a show and tell there will be a prize for the best.

5:50 pm Our Guess Speaker Mark Barlow – Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum

6:35 pm Q&A 

6:45 pm General Business

6:50 pm Further Networking

7:30 pm Finish

Register here 

Business Networking, Auckland Servcorp Business Shorts. Speaker Damian Newland from LinkedIn

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Business Networking Auckland
Servcorp Business Shorts

If you’re up for an evening of learning, networking, canapés & drinks then you’ll love this Business Shorts event in Auckland New Zealand. Bring your cards and meet other business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in a relaxed environment. This is a stand up style event with time for networking before and after the guest speaker. Come along and expand your network!

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2013

Location: Servcorp, Level 27, PWC Tower 188 Quay Street Auckland 1010

Time: Networking, drinks & canapés: 5:30pm. Presentation at 6.00pm

Price: Free | inc. 1 drink & canapés.
Additional drinks: $5 donation towards Cure Kids. Please note: Cash only.

Speaker: Damian Newland, LinkedIn, Enterprise Sales Manager – New Zealand

Note: If you would like the opportunity to get involved in the interactive part of Damian’s presentation be sure to add your LinkedIn ID Number / Profile to your registration form.

TOPIC: LinkedIn Insights on Growing Your Business with Social Networks

Register here 

Why should you attend? – Friday Networking Lunch – Feedback from Attendees

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Here are some comments from the event survey’s we do after each lunch.

  • Good range of businesses with differing issues and skills in Service based business.
  • Open conversations and genuine desire to help
  • Relaxed friendly meeting
  • Low key, not a hard-sell like BNI
  • Meeting new people and time allocation was reasonable
  • Its open about networking with card swapping and that takes the guess work out of manoeuvring  around a room like other network events.
  • Ability to meet people outside of IT and learn many things about those area’s
  • Meeting new people
  • It was relaxed and informal, and there was plenty of time to chat
  • The informal discussions and meeting people who I would not ordinarily get the chance to meet in other forums
  • Good to meet people who are from different areas which makes for interesting discussions.
  • Great company, a great excuse to take a break on a Friday and make new contacts
  • Networking and idea sharing
  • friendly people and great food
  • Sat there thinking about whether it was worth it, when the fellow next to me made an initial enquiry about a project. All of a sudden, it was worth it!
  • Talking with diverse but essentially like minded people
  • Chance to meet new people
  • There was more genuine conversation this time
  • Nice big group this month