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Auckland ICT Meeting – Mark Barlow – Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum

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Mark Barlow is a Freelance Consultant & Entrepreneur his experience with IT stretches 34 years and encompasses management, strategy, development, operations, and procurement.

Mark has been a CEO, CTO, Strategist, Project/Programme Manager, General Manager and Senior Account Director. Because of the mix of technology and business roles, he really ‘get’s’ how technology can be used as an enabler.

Washington has the Smithsonian, Wellington has Te Papa, and if Mark Barlow’s vision comes to fruition Auckland will have Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum. Come and hear Mark talk about Techvana and how you can be involved.

5:00 pm Networking Drinks and Refreshments

5:40 pm Welcome and Agenda

5:45 pm We invite members to introduce their company and their win for this week. (first 5 )

Plus bring along you oldest Tech for a show and tell there will be a prize for the best.

5:50 pm Our Guess Speaker Mark Barlow – Techvana The New Zealand Computer Museum

6:35 pm Q&A 

6:45 pm General Business

6:50 pm Further Networking

7:30 pm Finish

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Have you heard about – The New Zealand Technology Park?

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New Zealand Technology Park is under development by  Frankham Buildings

The park aims to blend research and business interests, cultivating a fierce cross-pollination of ideas and commercial sensibilities right here in the heart of Auckland.

for further information see here

The New Zealand Computer Museum – Help Needed

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A passionate group of vintage computer and video game collectors who wish to create a Museum in the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland.

They have the support of major patrons and organisations such as Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), The Institute of IT Professionals (formerly the New Zealand Computer Society) and Auckland University Computer Science Department.

To help get his up and running they need your help

More information Here