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Why should you attend? – Friday Networking Lunch – Feedback from Attendees

Here are some comments from the event survey’s we do after each lunch.

  • Good range of businesses with differing issues and skills in Service based business.
  • Open conversations and genuine desire to help
  • Relaxed friendly meeting
  • Low key, not a hard-sell like BNI
  • Meeting new people and time allocation was reasonable
  • Its open about networking with card swapping and that takes the guess work out of manoeuvring  around a room like other network events.
  • Ability to meet people outside of IT and learn many things about those area’s
  • Meeting new people
  • It was relaxed and informal, and there was plenty of time to chat
  • The informal discussions and meeting people who I would not ordinarily get the chance to meet in other forums
  • Good to meet people who are from different areas which makes for interesting discussions.
  • Great company, a great excuse to take a break on a Friday and make new contacts
  • Networking and idea sharing
  • friendly people and great food
  • Sat there thinking about whether it was worth it, when the fellow next to me made an initial enquiry about a project. All of a sudden, it was worth it!
  • Talking with diverse but essentially like minded people
  • Chance to meet new people
  • There was more genuine conversation this time
  • Nice big group this month